Aussie manufacturing innovator prepares to tap into post-Covid tradie RV travel booms with clever 12v/240v water heater

Aussie Innovator Jay King with the new Duoetto MK2 water heater featuring digital readout

An Australian manufacturing innovator who has sold tens of thousands of his 12v/240v portable water heaters globally is expecting his latest model to tap into a post-Covid domestic travel boom by tradies and contractors who use their work utes and 4wds to tow recreational vehicles for holidays.

The Duoetto MK2 10-litre water heater also brings the comfort, cleanliness and convenience of hot water and showers to RV vehicles used on remote industrial and resources worksite markets as COVID restrictions ease but employers need to ensure hygiene and safety.

Australia’s Aus J Hot Water Solutions, headed by designer and company Managing Director Jay King, aims its tough, Australian-designed compact and durable water at Australian and global RV, caravan, camping, marine and work sites where mains power is not always available.

“Many tradies and contractors use their daily work vehicle as a towing vehicle for boats and caravans for which the Duoetto is ideally suited, offering selectable temperatures between 30-70 deg C (86-158F) on 240v. This allows people to shower, wash, clean and enjoy abundant hot water whether mains power is available or not,” says Mr King, himself a keen RV designer and user.

The latest Duoettos - which typically retail for under $A400 ($US270) - feature a digital temperature control on the side for local and export markets that like their controls clear and simple, including the Middle East and Asia, North America, Africa and Europe, including the UK.

“Automatic sensors allow switching to 12V when mains power is not available, enabling the Duoetto to deliver ample hot water in remote areas such as campsites or on boats where mains power is unavailable, which it often is in large areas where major RV, marine and work vehicles operate” says Mr King, who designs the water heaters himself and ensures production to Australian standards of toughness and quality .

The MK2 has a number of upgrades on the previous version, designed to give the new water heater even greater longevity than the original, which has become OEM equipment on major campers in Australia and in export markets including South Africa and the US because of its functionality and reliability in service over a wide range of use and climatic conditions. Upgrades include:

The Duoetto MK2, which is especially suited to caravans, equestrian transport, campervans, yachts, motorhomes and a huge range of recreational vehicles and vans towed by work vehicles, including those used by mining and oil and gas explorers and workers on remote sites.

“Readily available hot water is a real luxury when you’re on the road for a long time, or off it in 4wds, or out on the water. It doesn’t matter if you are a family group or a worksite team, hot water is a blessing,” said Mr King.

The Duoetto MK2 comes with internationally recognised Australian WaterMark accreditation, which means that it passed tests and requirements regarding its suitability for supplying water for human consumption. These tests encompass taste, smell, toxins and corrosive effects on plumbing and pipework.

Drawing a miniscule 4.2 amps at 240V (1000w) and 25 amps at 12v (300w), the 409 x 262 x 267mm Duoetto MK2 retains the strengths of its predecessor, including:

Aus J ( ) offers a range of innovative gas and electric water heaters with models for domestic, commercial and recreational applications, including a 240v 10-litre Aqueous water heater designed to provide homes with near-instant hot water and reduce the wastage by having the heater located under the sink.