Aussie manufacturer serves up a delightful solution for compact catering quandary

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The rare and precious Ape (Bee), fashionable since the 1940s

Australian manufacturer Aus J Hot Water Solutions has helped solve an ultra-lightweight catering quandary for a Melbourne couple who are wooing customers of their new mobile pizza catering business with quintessentially Italian flair.

Signorina Pizza partners Gianna De Luise and Vincenzo Lobosco serve their corporate and private customers in their Piaggio Ape (Bee) scooter-based vehicle, a 388kg mini used in Italy for everything from tiny truck to autorickshaw.

The little Ape – the original version of which was first seen on Australian roads in the 40s and 50s - has appeared in dozens of films, ranging from Return of the Pink Panther to the more recent 500 Days of Summer .

The Ape is especially loved in Italy where its compact size allows it to negotiate narrow streets, park easily, and serve as an impromptu market stall. But here in Australia it was a bit more of a challenge to fit aboard all the catering accoutrements required to serve larger events while maintaining rigorous health and safety standards.

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Gianna and Vincenzo love the vehicle’s authentic Italian ambience, to complement their pizza

Australian manufacturing came to their rescue in ensuring scrupulous hygiene catering in such as small space through an Australian-engineered compact and light (9kg) Aqueous 10-litre 240V hot water heater from Aus J Hot Water Solutions.

The Aqueous is part of a range that has achieved sales of more than 30,000 hot water heaters globally, with sales really taking off as more people take adventure holidays at home during Covid and as businesses like Signorino launch to serve a pent-up demand.

“The reason behind choosing the Aqueous water heater was actually similar to the reason why we choose all our installed items in this wonderful vehicle build by Antz Engineering working with Project Manager Max Violani. “We wanted something really reliable, that heated quickly (there’s not always a lot of time when you get on site) and was able to fit in our very compact pizza truck,” said Gianna.

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Weight and size are important in such a tiny vehicle, so Signorino Pizza chose a compact Aus J Hot Water Solutions Aqueous 10-litre 240V water heater.

“We read lots of reviews and checked out what the market was using and appeared to be either the Aus J Duoetto or Aqueous. The capacity of the model we selected is perfect and it wasn’t overly heavy, which is a big deal to us when every kilogram has to be considered in such a small vehicle.”

“We also opted to buy it from Aus J because they are clearly market leaders and we trust their products and services. Plus, having it delivered so quickly made a huge difference to us.”

The Aqueous 6-litre and 10-litre models, available in 12V or 240V types, are complemented by the dual 12V/240V Duoetto 10-litre, which is also achieving strong local sales and exports to OEMs and personal fit-outs of projects in the catering and recreational vehicle and boating markets.

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The extensive and beautifully organised fold-out catering facilities of the diminutive Ape almost totally obscure the vehicle as it is readied for action (above)… creating a labour of love (below).

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The delightful dishes, and their creators

The Duoetto and Aqueous MK2 water heaters come with internationally recognised Australian WaterMark accreditation, which means that it passed tests and requirements regarding its suitability for supplying water for human consumption. These tests encompass taste, smell, toxins and corrosive effects on plumbing and pipework.

Features of the Aqueous Mk 2 product include: